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Manage your vim plugins with Vundle


Much of Vim's magic requires plugins to do it. When I first started with Vim, I always went to the official website to download plugins and then read the instructions to install them in a directory. At first I thought it was new, but after I got more and more into it, I thought it was quite a hassle to download and install, so I started looking for a plugin management tool. That's when I came across Vundle.

From the name Vundle, we can see that it is a Vim Bunlder, which is used to manage various plugins for Vim. Its documentation and Github is here:http://github.com/gmarik/vundle

After following the instructions to install Vundle, every time you want to install a plugin in the future, just write the github address to .vimrc and then execute :PluginInstall in vim.

For example, to install NERDtree, just add the following line to .virmrc and then execute the PluginInstall command:

Plugin 'scrooloose/nerdtree'
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