About Hegwin and His Dream


The Astronomer Dream

When I was young, I never imaged that I will sit in front of a computer and write codes.

Like most children in China, we share the common dream to be a scientist, and for me, precisely to be an astronomer. I always hoped to entitle a star with my own name.


Translator or Chemist or Writer?

However, people will easily forget their original dreams after they grow up.

During the years in my junior middle school, I loved English very much. And I told everyone I aspired to be a translator or an interpreter.

Did I really like English, or is it just a result of hypnosis -- you have good performance in a subject, and your parents and teacher appreciate you and your classmates admires you so that you have more passion and then get a higher score -- which lead to a positive cycle?

Things changed again since I entered the high middle school. Chemistry turned to be my favourite subject. I enjoyed doing experiments in the lab.

Well, I also found myself involved in the literature.


Childhood Dream That Didn't Come True

NEMT is a cruel battle for each high school graduate in China. But followed that, there is something else make you headache -- to make a decision for you major subject in the coming four or five years.

The huge list of majors can hardly baffle me, because I knew what I wanted to select.

But there were still something scared my soul. I remember I was choked just as I saw that item -- Astronomy.

Wow, for how many years have I put this dream aside? I felt in dark gray not for my score prevented me to apply astronomy, but for how could I forget my dreams.


From Chemist To Programmer

Now, I have been a rubyist for nearly 3 years. I like writing codes. Maybe I will continue coding until someday we no more need this job.

I majored applied chemistry in university. I like chemistry, yes, at least in middle school. But the regime and teaching style of university made me lose interests of chemistry.

During my second year of university, I learnt VB Programming, which opened a door to the world of codes for me.

I try to organize the steps how human solve the problems and to tell the computers by writing codes. I can't be more excited when I saw the right result jumping out of the screen.


Imcomplete Rainbow But Miscellaneous

For some reasons I will not live a common life as a normal person, like the rainbow lacking one band of color. Anyway, it's still colorful, isn't it?

I am managing to live a colorful life.

I keep learning. I do love translation -- no longer for high scores in school -- since it's really interesting to break the walls between the people from different backgrounds.

I attempt to achieve every idea and dream. I begin to learn to play the piano. And I begin to erect this website for me.

Wish a regretless life!