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How did I start running


A few days ago, I challenged myself to run a 10km. It took me 67 minutes to finish it, which may not be so good for regular runners, but it was my first time running that far.

How did I start to run? Actually, the story began when I was an extremely fat person ......

I remember the last field day in high school, when I purely wanted to self-actualize, carrying my 95kg body, signed up for two items 1500m and medicine ball throw - the idea was that if I did not grasp the opportunity, then I did not even participate in a field day in high school. In fact, I have not participated in any sports activities since junior middle school, except for radio exercises. Since I gained weight, all sport competitions have nothing to do with me. By the way, I am now successful in losing weight, only 60kg when I went to perform Poker Face earlier this year, that was the thinnest time.

Maybe because it was a long ago, I don't really remember how it felt to run 1500m in that field day, but I remember what I saw when I was struggling on the track ......, almost all the people, when I ran past them would cheer me on, and every time I tried to slow down, there would be so many people, more often than not, unknown classmates cheering me on. So much so that, for several days after that, I always had that noisy scene in my mind, I was out of breath, the whole thing was like being put in an oven, but the smiling faces of those people, the look of their cheering, kept me from giving up, I tried my best to rush forward.

As a result, I still came in last place, due to a lack of exercise for years plus extreme obesity. However, that has been my best performance in 1500m running (I never reached that level again in college when I ran the 1000m) until I lost weight recently. It took about 5 minutes to complete - 5 hard and baking minutes.

When I was a child, I often ran with a group of kids all over the street. I think my body must have been very good at that time. I remember once being punished by the teacher to run 10 laps of the playground, I was sprinting all the way down. But when I grew up, uh, became fat, I always thought running was quite painful, but the 1500m of that field day, that feeling of having to keep going, made me have a special feeling for running.

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