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My First Full Marathon


A full marathon, 42.195km, is a distance I never dared to imagine I could complete two years ago.

However, just last weekend, December 11, 2016, I completed the first full marathon of my life in Guangzhou. Net time of 5 hours and 12 minutes, not a very good time (mainly due to lack of training for long distances and having only run a 3-hour LSD before the race), but it was done after all!

When I ran past the finish line, I was a tired mess, I didn't have any energy to do stretching, so I slowly walked for about 10 minutes and then found a shady place to sit down, and only after about a quarter of an hour did I regain my spirit, thinking I should take a selfie or something. Now I took out my medal and took a picture of it haphazardly.


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