The hydra-universe twisting its body scaled in stars.

On Reading the Prince and Comparison on Translation Services


Recently, I've been considering changing the cloud service provider of my cell phone, so I'm cleaning up my photo albums to reduce the cost of migration and to say "goodbye to the past" and "not to be burdened by memories". I found some screenshots left when I read the English version of The Prince in 2017. I can't exactly remember...

Soft Girl Gone Determined - Excerpt from Moon and Sixpense and Gone with The Wind

小女孩总会长大的 - 《月亮和六便士》《飘》摘抄

To improve my English, I read English novels. I recently read Maugham's The Moon and Sixpense, and Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind. The result is that although I felt their fine diction and subtlety of expression, I didn't actually learn much English expression, rather my emotions followed the ebb and flow of the novel's plot. Especially the growth and...

Deduction vs. Induction vs. Abduction - Different Ways to Reason and Draw Conclusions


I've been reading the Sherlock Holmes series of novels for a while now. Whether it's "A Study in Scarlet Letter" or "The Four Signatures", there is a chapter titled "The Science of Deduction" (The Science of Deduction). This aroused my curiosity - what exactly is deductive reasoning? We know there are other modes of reasoning, such as inductive reasoning and...

Learn English Expressions from UN Year Review 2013


At the beginning of each year, the United Nations gives a review of the past year's events, both big and small, and a speech is given. This speech is a rare material for those learning English. Official video (with script): http://webtv.un.org/watch/2013-year-in-review-english/2929587772001/ Chinese translation: http://www.un.org/zh/focus/2013/ I think there are some expressions that I can learn after going through it myself, so...