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Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 7 dual boot with Ubuntu

Windows7 + Ubuntu 双系统下,如何升级到 Windows 10

I have a desktop computer purchased in 2014. It was a dual system of Windows 7 + Ubuntu 14.04 and I had been considering upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10 for a long time, but there were potential problems with the process that made me hesitate to do so. I finally took the plunge and upgraded it recently, and I'll...

Install Japanese input methed on ubuntu 16.04


I personally think that it is necessary to install the corresponding input method on PC/Mobile/Mac if you are learning a new foreign language. Usually, our foreign language teachers, in general, will only teach us the language itself, and not too much to teach you how to install input methods. As for the installation of Japanese input methods, we realized that...

Batch update file extensions in Linux


A colleague of mine organized several thousand pdf files and needed to perform some batch operations. After uploading to the server, only to find that the extensions inside are uppercase .PDF, some are lowercase .pdf. This brings some trouble, because we have a program on the server that only recognizes the lowercase extensions; The colleague is working with Windows OS,...